Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Some Fancy Pants scrappy things to share -

We have had a BEAUTIFUL monday here!  We have been busy with normal house related things but overall things have been peaceful and blissful today.  Gotta love that!!

I have been fiddeling on a bit of scrapping lately, such a good feeling when you have been 'off' scrapping for a long time!  Getting my Fancy Pants projects up for the month, one more that is in progress :)  Talking about Fancy Pants, did you see the new releases???  YUMMMMM!, check them out!!!!  My favourite is the christmas and Happy Together ranges!!!  What do you like?  What else have you seen being released that has taken your fancy??

Keeping on the Fancy Pants theme, I did a project for their blog recently, focusing on some ideas for their flocked transparencies :)  If you would like some quick steps to recreate this layout, head on over to their blog!!  Journaling reads: 'Baby may you always live a life driven by passion!'  You can easily whip up some of those beautiful doilies die cuts if you happen to have a die cutting machine.

I just finished this layout off late last night!   A bit of a combo from two of their releases!  I love these photos, they capture some of her regularly seen faces, it shows how cheeky she is, but how sweet she is as well :)  Journaling on this one reads:  'She's got cheek, she's got guts, I love her!  She's super sweet, she's mine!'  Not sure why the 'y' on the title decided to move but was a bit lazy to retake the picture ;)

A new week and chance to make it a beautiful one!!  What can you do this week to ensure that it will be a goooooood one??


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Almost halfway on fitness goal :)

Happy Australia Day!!!

We had so many plans for Australia Day, but the rain has thrown a spanner in our plans, so instead I tackled the treadmill and house, and hopefully will get some time to scrap in a bit.

I see that my next run marks the halfway mark for my fitness goal ... good feeling :)

So Far:

W2D1 Stats: 2.94km  in 31min,          10:33 min/km and burnt    198 cal
W2D2 Stats: 3.08km  in 30min40sec, 9:57 min/km and burnt      190 cal
W2D3 Stats: 3.22km  in 31 min,         9:38 min/km and burnt      195 cal.
W3D1 Stats: 3.06km  in 29 min,         9:29 min/km and burnt      191 cal
W3D2 Stats: 3km       in 29 min,         9:40 min/km and burnt      186 cal
W3D3 Stats: 3.08km  in 29 min,         9:25 min/km and burnt      193 cal
W4D1 Stats: 3.21km  in 29min45sec, 9:16 min/km and burnt      205 cal
W4D2 Stats: 3.25km  in 30min,          9:14 min/km and burnt      220 cal

I think that is good progress!  Furthest I have run in 30 min is 3.25km, best time per min is 9:14.  All up this year I have complete 25.58km of purposeful exersize :)  not too shabby :)

And just sharing one of my xmas layoutst that were featured in Australian Scrapbook Ideas late last year!!

Have a good one!!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Little canvas and Wk2D3 of couch to 5K


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I had a kidfree one and my cousin came up to spend the two nights with me, we had such a ball!  Was fun to make last minute descisions and to stay out all day long without having to worry bout tired or hungry or moody kids :)

So I haven't done much in the creative world!

Here is a little canvas I made a little while ago, I took the Christy Tomlinson classes, I actually think I watched two of her videos though, oopsies, life just didn't allow me much time back then.  But from what I learnt I created 3 little canvases, this one being my favourite :)  Representation of me :)  I'll share the other two sometime too, just gotta be organised to take photos.

And getting back to my fitness goal, i just finished my day 3 of week 2 - much easier than my day 1, but man I have never been a lover of exersize, so still a struggle every time. And I must admit the next challenge frightens me!!  Going from 90sec runs to a rotation between 2 and 3 min runs.  Sigh, I can do this!  Just not gonna be fun haha.

W2D1 Stats: 2.94km in 31min, 10:33 min/km and burnt 198 cal
W2D2 Stats: 3.08km in 30min40sec, 9:57 min/km and burnt 190 cal
W2D2 Stats: 3.22km in 31 min, 9:38 min/km and burnt 195 cal.

And just because this is what I did today.

I usually do my jogging sessions at 8speed, I used to do 9, and that was only about 4 months ago, why do fitness dissapear so fast???  But today I did a quick 12speed run, just to get it over with! 

Who else is working on a fitness or weight loss resolution?

Off to go sit and scrap :)

Enjoy your monday xx

Friday, January 06, 2012

Couch 2 5K Day two :)

Another hard day on the treadmill, geez you have to be stubborn to not give up when evething is shouting ENOUGH!  My body can do this, I know it can, and I'm the boss!!

So day two of the challenge done!

W2D1 Stats: 2.94km in 31min, 10:33 min/km and burnt 198 cal
W2D2 Stats: 3.08km in 30min40sec, 9:57 min/km and burnt 190 cal

I had yummy Muesli with blueberries and strawberries for breakfast
A banana for a snack, also munched on carrot sticks
A massive salad roll for lunch :)  Healthy and light = makes me feel light and good.

Motivation for the rest run which happens on Sunday:

Also if you don't have 30 min a day to move, and yes I know that some of us just don't have the time ... here is an awesome 4 min workout!!  And it WILL challenge your body!! And it might possibly be the longest 4 min of your life, but seriously 4 min of pain, we can all do that!
4 MIN, who doesn't have 4 MIN, HAH, get off your bottom and move!! :)

Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My lungs are burning!


Why do I feel like my throat is on fire and that I can't breath?   My legs are aching and feel a bit like jelly.  I feel a bit like throwing up.


My first resolution for the year I started today!!

Couch to 5K program. (which comes as a brilliant app if you happen to have an iphone ;) )

How many of you have got a 'get fit' resolution?  Are you being specific enough, what does 'being fit' mean to you?  I like to keep my resolutions specific enough so that I know I can reach it!  I know I can run 5km and this program takes you through it in 9weeks.  3 runs a week, round about 30min of your time.  Totally do-able!  Even if I feel like fainting afterwards!!

Step 1 - So I bought a treadmill, secondhand, $300 - bargain! For ages I have promised myself to get to the gym, but being a single mum with little kids I have to rely on creche and some weeks life just doesn't allow me to get there in the hours I can gym, so it hasn't happened ... now I have no excuses!

Step 2 - Start!  Well did that tonight!  I started with Week 2, because I thought I was more fit than i am haha, hence the near death experience! Or it felt that way anyways haha.

Step 3 - Don't stop!!

Stats for today - 2.94km in 31min, 10:33 min/km and burnt 198 cal :)

Let me know if you join up so we can motivate each other :)

Motivation for MYSELF today!  A bit of passive aggressiveness to get me off my bottom where I was sitting way to comfortably, coming up with every excuse of why I can leave the exersize till TOMORROW.

Tomorrow, I can scrap.  Friday I run :)
Night night! xx

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2011 & You scrapbook layout

A layout about all Katie's first during 2011.  This one is for Creative Scrappers sketch # 189.  I'm finding that it is helping me get back in scrapping when following sketches.  Makes life a bit simpler :)

Short and sweet tonight!  Sitting on couch sipping wine after a hectic day with two fighting sisters!  So time to relax! :) xx

10 Things I love about Katie

This girl of mine is 6.  I am so proud of 'who' she is.  So proud to be able to say that I'm this girls' Mum.

I wanted to take some time and jot down some things that I love bout each of us, I thought it might be a good way to start of the year, to remind myself of what treasures I have in my life to be thankful for!!

A few things that I want to jot down for myself about this girl's year just past.
* She started a new journey in Nambour
* She thoroughly enjoyed her first school year in Prep at Woombye SS
* She lost three teeth, all at the bottom
* She can read simple words
* She can write words when spelt out
* She loves helping me cook and clean.  She loves to scrap, loves movies, electronic games and
   loves making up new games with her little sister.
* Her favourite colour is blue
* She seems to have already outgrown playing with dolls.
* Her current favourite movie is 'Kung Fu Panda' but she also adores her Barbie movies.
* She has 'chores' - Making her own bed, opening her blinds, unpacking the dishwasher together with one other one of her choosing.

:)  10 things I love bout you .... get the template from Shabby Blogs, great freebies there ;)

Monday, January 02, 2012

Websters - It's your style!

I love the new release by Websters, the cleaner, simpler, more versatile line!  You can check it out here. I am excited bout this line!  Can't wait!  I've always been a Webster's Fan, but often resort to the back as the front is just too specific.
Enjoy this little video by them below :)

Welcome Webster's Pages Sunday Picnic from Webster's Pages on Vimeo.

Have you spotted any good new releases around??? :)

NY Resolutions :)

2012 New Year's Resolutions.

Here they are all scrapped up, imprinted on the brain :) Am entering this one on the Get Picky Challenge.

 Ready to make 2012 a happy year!

Enjoy your Monday! xx